Saturday, August 28, 2010

The boys are back in town!

Well, one boy, at least.

Hubs got home yesterday, but we knew it was going to be late, so Strip and I embraced our last day as "Just us Girls!" When she got off the bus, we headed over to her end-of-the-week surprise. Pedicures!

I told her she could pick whatever color she wanted for me and for her, so she chose a sparkly orange for me (war eagle!) and a sparkly red for her (because of dorothy, NOT UGA, Hubs). When our super sonic chairs were ready, we settled in across from each other. They started on me first, so Strip got a chance to see all the scrubbing, rubbing and toe tickling that was about to take place. She was sooo relaxed during the whole thing and looked too funny in the giant chair.

When she sat down, the girl said, "You wan flower? Flower on toe?" Well sure! I mean what 5-year-old girly girl wouldn't want flowers on her toes? After painting and primping and returning out shoes, I was ready to pay. I pulled out my stripper singles (side note: our parents always give us $1 bills for however old we are on our birthdays. It's cute when you're 8, it's funny when you're 15, but sometime in your 20's you begin to feel like you're getting the side eye when you whip out a roll of singles. When I was in college, the guy 3 apartments down was a stripper, and we all hated the management company who ran our complex. Stripper Neighbor, obviously made lots of singles during work, and one day we were chatting and he said he liked to pay his rent, all $240, with his stripping singles. He'd walk into the office and count out those bills in front of the landlady. One month, she said, "You must be a waiter!" Her replied, "Something like that." So now, every year on my birthday, when I get my $1's, and spend them in larger quantities than $10, I am reminded of my college buddy) and began to count them out. Guess what! Flower on toe = $5 extra. Should have known. And those stupid flowers caused her "thumb toes" as Strip calls them, to chip off. Boo.

We then ran some errands including the library to pick up a copy of The Sound of Music. I've been waiting and waiting to let her watch it because I LOVE the movie, and if she watched it and hated it or said it was boe-ring, I might have to ask her to move out. Next stop was Costco for margarita mix, which they are out of and aren't getting any more back in. BOO Costco. But we still got Strip a giant slice of cheese pizza and a churro because she's been itching to try one.

We got home, ate our dinners, got in our pjs and were ready for Maria. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched the entire movie, but I think it was high school. Shockingly enough, when you watch that movie enough times, it becomes a part of you, and you still remember every word to every song. And who can resist belting out Rodgers & Hammerstein classics? So, of course, as Maria begins to spin around on the mountain, I begin to sing along.

Strip knew this was my favorite movie from when I was little and was really excited to watch it, but when I got to, "My heart wants to beat like the wings of a bird that flies..." she looked at me and said:

"Just because this is one of your favorite movies, doesn't mean you have to sing along."

I came very close to vomiting I was laughing so hard! After gathering myself and trying not to join in with the end of the song, Strip looked at me again and said,

"Well, you can hum if you want to."

Hubs got home during the Solfege song and the dvd started to skip during the Lonely Goatherd, so when the Von Trapp children sang their goodnights, I suggested we do the same, promising to go by the library the next day to swap out the dvd for another one.

Hubs made the mistake of calling us during a layover to ask if he could take his girls out on a date. We gladly accepted and Strip has micro managed the day including a corn maze, ice skating and dinner out. Can't wait for our other boy to come home Monday (although Strip already asked, even before Hubs got home, if Hubs and Nugget could go away again some time soon. Guess girls week was TOO big of a hit!).

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