Friday, August 13, 2010

So much for being organized.

This week has been nuts with a side order of crazy.

If you follow me on twitter (Mom, you don't need to, I promise), you would have seen the tweet:

It started a few weeks ago when I messed up my back and went to the medcheck place. They happily prescribed pills and sent me on my way, but the pills didn't work, so they called in something stronger. Something stronger didn't work, so finally picked a general practitioner, who couldn't see me, so I saw her nurse. Her nurse was awesome and she referred me to the spine doctor and sent me home with Vicodin.

The vicodin didn't work either. Oh! I should take a moment here to add that on about day 3 of taking vicodin, I started saying, "I'm on Valium," and not ONE person stopped to say, "Really?! You're on Valium! I didn't know you had anxiety issues. And what does that have to do with your back?" until I mentioned something, jokingly of course, to Neighbor Chick.

"Well, if the kids get crazy, you can always come shopping in my medicine cabinet for a little somethin' somethin' to take you away! I've got lots of fun things to pick from now; painkillers, muscle relaxers and Valium!"

"Valium! Isn't that for crazy people? You mean vicodin, right?"

Right. Does this mean the majority of people think I'm crazy? Don't answer that.

Anyway, in the meantime, I'd had blood work done to check my iron levels to see if I needed to be topped off before school started. Good thing I did, because apparently, I bottomed out, so they ordered double iron ivs (not surprising as I've always been a double or triple shot espresso gal).

I quickly organized a game of pass-the-Nugget because my week turned into

Wed- Spine Doc
Thurs-IV iron
Friday-Physical Therapy
Monday- IV iron

And so the fun begins.

I thought I had everything worked out until I showed up today for my PT apt a confident 20 minutes early, only to discover I was actually 40 minutes late. I rescheduled around the rest of the crazy week, hobbled to the car, pulled out of the parking garage when my phone rings.

Voice: Yes, is this Mommychick?
Me: Yes....
Voice: Hi! This is the office guy at the PT's office! Your therapist's 10:00 just cancelled, so if you want to come back up, she can see you now!
Me: YAY! I'll be right there.

A quick u-turn back into the parking garage (almost hitting a gaggle of geese) and I hobble back into the PT office.

2 minutes later, the PT comes out. I hop (as best I can) out of my chair and she says

Don't get up. It's not my 10:00, it's my 10:30 that cancelled. Do you think you can stay?

I start doing verbal math to figure out when that puts me picking up Nugget (and meeting a stranger for a CL drop) and she interrupts.

Oh! That's my 10:00 (points to a lady walking in the door). This won't take long, and she's early. We can make this work.

I promised to be a quick bender and then waited my turn. Again.
She started off the session by going over my medical conditions. There are quite a few things wrong with me in general, so after going through all of it, she says, "Other than that stuff, you're in good health?" which kind of made me giggle.

PT went well, and she was quite impressed with my flexibility (take that, old age!), and I was actually still on time to sell our old dyson for $100!

This day's looking up!

Pick up Nugget and scoot home to make him lunch. After that, he curls up on the couch with me and falls asleep. I'm chatting with a friend on facebook when i notice I'm getting sweaty with him sitting on top of me.

Like a puddle of sweat.

Oh, that is so not sweat. Just when I get caught up with all the laundry, my kid falls asleep and pees on me.

So much for this day looking up.

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