Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to a slipper

Right after we moved here, I went shopping to get some new clothes (since apparently South Florida winters are a little less harsh than they are here). I hit all the stores, but of course, spent the bulk of my birthday money at my favorite, The Loft.

I was shopping online and needed to hit some amount to get free shipping, so threw in a pair of slippers figuring I'd take them back to the store if I didn't like them.

I didn't like them.

I LOVED them! They are not the ones pictured above, but very similar. Soft sole, but not so soft I couldn't shuffle to the mailbox, but not so hard that they were uncomfortable. They were cute enough that when I I threw them on around the house, it didn't look like I had giant fuzzy slippers on, but the wooly insides were warm enough that my pigs didn't freeze.

I wore them all the time. Fall, winter, summer, didn't matter. Until a few months ago. Someone (this could have been either of us) scooped up a load of laundry and washed it. That's what I get for leaving them on the closet floor and sorting laundry there, too. Not a big deal. But then Someone (and this was TOTALLY Hubs) was changing over laundry and noticed the slipper. Someone thought it was best that it not go through the drier, so Someone just placed the slipper, wet sole down, on top of the washer.

I found it a when we came back from our beach trip with a lovely, fuzzy green sole.

So now I'm on the hunt for the perfect slipper before it starts getting chilly. I had fallen in love with the Ugg Roo slipper because it looks like you are shoving your feet into two, giant, hot baked potatoes. Unfortunately, Roo's have been out of production for years, so you can only find them on ebay, like the ones pictured to the right, but they are never in my size. I'm also digging Ugg's Dakota Slippers, but they kind of have a hard sole on them and I'm not sure how comfy they would be hanging around the house. Maybe I should grab a cup of coffee and take a book into Nordstrom's. Then I could cozy up with different slippers and test drive them before I buy :-)

Oh well. Loft slippers, you will be forever missed. And Hubs, you are forever required to NOT do the laundry.


Ross and Laura said...

Mine are from LLBean and I love them!

Anonymous said...

Do I need to call BullSh*t on this one or will someone else. I just took the slipper out of the dryer and laid it down. Shame on you for not looking for the clothes that your put in the washer in the first place and you would have found your slipper, before our beach trip. I am a kick A clothes washer and tend to finish what I start and not leave clothes in an metal box, WET, for 3 or 4 days. I should have put it in the dryer and then watched as you tried to cram your toes in the shrunken shoe. I do love you and did not mean to mess them up, or atleast forget to tell you about them, but I'm sure you will find another pair better than those KMART slippers anyway.

mommychick said...

If anyone every wondered if Hubs read the blog, check out the previous comment.

Whoa Hubs. WHOA.

First. Read the blog. They aren't from Kmart (we don't even have a kmart here, thank you very much) they were from the Loft.

Second, I don't think that I hung you out to dry (hahahaha). I was very nice in my wording and said either could have tossed them in the washer and "that's what I get for sorting clothes where my slippers were." I took the fault, crazy.

Third, no one called into question your ability to wash and dry clothing. We all know you are an excellent washer/dryer/wrinkle-getter-outer. You are a sashay away from people questioning your sexuality. But I love you and, if you remember, your insistence on ironing my JEANS before I left was one of the things that made me love you more.

And anyone who knows me, knows I'm notorious for washing receipts, pens, crayons, money, checks, small toys, and pretty much anything else that one might leave in his (or her) pocket. One reason I don't want a small dog is because I'm sure at some point in it's life, it would get mixed in with the towels.

Fourth, I'm sorry I'm not good at closing posts, so I excused you from ever doing laundry again. That was meant to be your get out of jail free card that you could throw in my face whenever you needed it.

Fifth, this is a family blog, so I'd appreciate you keeping your asterisks to yourself.

And thank you R&L, I think I WILL check out LL Bean.

Oh and PS. As I typed this, Loft sent me an email, so I think they are totally siding with me.