Sunday, September 5, 2010

Operation Clothes into Countertops

Although I've been glued to the computer, it's not been because of blogging.

I've finally bitten the bullet and am selling EVERYTHING from the kids' past (well, not everything). Our town has a HUGE consignment sale twice a year, and I've finally decided to get on board. Forget ebay, who care about crazy Craigslisters, I'm scannin' it all away for the Town's Kid's Consignment sale.

I first heard about the sale the spring after we moved here, but just didn't have my act together. However, after reorganizing the flooded basement and looking at the MASSIVE amounts of cute kids' clothes I had just sitting in garbage bags, I decided enough was enough. I signed up for the sale and baby-stepped into it, meaning I pulled everything sellable from the basement and transplanted it into the guest room, which wouldn't be a problem except this week, we have guests! Sorry, PaPa and Ma!

Luckily, the kids have been bunking, so we've been able to make it work, but the guest room was looking a bit like an episode of hoarders, minus the fecal matter and stray animals. So, Ma and I have devoted a night and a day to tagging and hanging everything Nugget and Strip wore from birth through now (with the exception of our favorite outfits and preemie stuff).

Was it hard to part with their little things? Sure! But you know what made it easier? A bottle of wine and a flier from Lowe's with counter top samples. Our adorable kitchen came equipped with the original 1989 WHITE tile countertops which have been driving me crazy for almost two years now. It's great that you can set hot things right of of the oven on them, but the grout always looks dirty no matter how much bleach and elbow grease I use. So. I figured while the consignment sale probably wouldn't make me enough to build my own sewing room on to the side of our bedroom, it would probably give me a good cash dent into some flat surface countertops and a coat or three of paint.

Bring it!

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