Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cha Ching!

Well, the results are in, and I did pretty well! I guesstimated that I needed a good $1300 to re-do the counters, and I think I made $755 (check will be here in a couple of weeks, so I'll see if my math is correct!). Not too shabby! I joked with UP about doing an "accent" counter, but figured this will just give us more time to think about if we want to paint/stain the cabinets and pick new colors for the walls before we select our counters.

This was my first time being involved in The Sale. I had NO clue how to price things and really didn't know what people went there to buy. Do they want gymboree sets? A great time to pick up smocked dresses for cheap? Over pay for used play clothes? I had no clue.

Judging from my sales reports, I think I did well pricing things. I had things sell in all my categories and had some higher dollar things go as well as some things that we wondered if they were even worth wasting a hanger.

One important lesson I learned? People are nuts.

While we were tagging and hanging things, I had different piles going; Sell, Goodwill, trash, keep, give to friends. When we got to the end, I was SO close to submitting $3000 and wanted to try to break that number. So, we started scrounging around for something, anything to tag. Ma and I decided to pull out some of the random pairs of socks from the Goodwill bag, and I figured I'll pull the old burp rags too. What the heck! As I was putting things in a bag, Ma asked if I thought this stuff was really going to sell. I told her when I worked in the jewelry store in college, we would have an Anniversary Sale. That time of year, we'd pull out ALL the old, old, old jewelry, put it in zip bags and toss it in a bag labeled $5. You would be shocked to see how nuts people go over things in zip bags priced at $5.

When I pulled my sales sheets, I was shocked, but not shocked to see the following:

BEAUTIFUL Strasburg Children's green velvet dress with red accent stitched collar and full, white satin sash. Matching green purse.

Did not sell.

Ziplock bag with 6 pairs of baby socks? SOLD! Ziplock bag with 7 pairs of baby socks? SOLD!

Ziplock bag with three, old, used cloth diaper/burp rags? SOLD TIMES 2! Yes. 6 old burp rags sold and this gorgeous dress did not.

Now, I know that not all people share my tastes in children's clothing and many people do not choose to dress their little boys in girly clothes, but really people?! Used burp rags?

Note to self, for the spring sale, do not put anything in the goodwill pile. Tag it all and we'll have those new counter tops in no time!

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