Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Help

The countdown is on! It's hard to believe I'm already putting together our October calendar and newsletter for school, but I am! As I was going over details, we were planning the class's Halloween party and Teach reminded me that WE had to dress up for Halloween, too.


The kids Halloween costumes? Easy peasy. Nugget wants to be Batman, who he is currently obsessed with for, really, no good reason, and Strip wants to be repunzel (for the wig). I even have a costume on order for Zoe that I think is going to be hilarious. But me? Nothing.

Strip's suggestions were Elphaba (Wicked Witch, the green one) or the evil queen from Snow White. I hope she's not typecasting. I figure by Halloween, all of the kids will be settled and use to us/school, so it's probably best NOT to come to school with a green face and fake nose or dressed as a creepy villain.

When I was looking for Zoe's costume online, I figured I'd flip through the adult section and see if anything jumped out at me. When they say "Adult," they aren't kidding. Here's a sampling of things I found:

Queen of Hearts

Cookie Monster

Mad Hatter

Teddy Bear

Police Woman

Yikes. Then while reading descriptions, I came across a crayon costume. Awesome! That's probably comfortable, cute and VERY appropriate for the preschool crowd. Click on the picture and....
Really? How do you make a crayon look inappropriate? I figured since I wasn't having much luck finding something I could wear, I'd see if there were any cute "couples" costumes that we could be. Bacon and eggs? Peanut butter and jelly? Nope:

Outlet and Plug. Forget it! I'll make myself a giant pumpkin outfit and call it a day. When did halloween go from ghosts to strippers?!


The Revell Family said...

Brooker wants to be Batman too...and for NO apparent reason either. Are boys just wired the same or what??

Ross and Laura said...

Ross and I were the plug and outlet about 5 years ago. In fact, would send you and Chip the costumes, except I sold them in our garage sale last summer! Oh well. Wow, come to think of it, I was a stripper cop in college - I never thought I was this inappropriate ;)

Not sure I'm qualified to help! Sorry!

mommychick said...

That is too funny! Must be a boy thing :-) I did tell him that he needed to WATCH Batman so he knew who he was, but I put on the OLLLLLDDD Adam West one. The first thing Batman and Robin did was run and jump in a helicopter. Nug said, "Heeeyyy. Batman 'sposed to fly by his self!" Ha!

And Laura, you naughty girl! What are you going to be this year??