Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Apple week!

Today marked the end of the apple unit for Strip. Until now, everything in kindergarten has revolved around apples, so to celebrate, today was apple day! All the kids were asked to bring in an apple to share with the class, so Strip asked to bring in a Honeycrisp apple. I had wild visions of us hitting the apple orchard this week, but that didn't happen, so I hit the store across the street on my way Tuesday and picked up a sack full of Honeycrisps. Strip took hers in yesterday and proudly announced that her apple looked like a giant compared to the rest of the apples.

Because Nugget and I didn't have school today, we decided to celebrate the end of apple weeks in our own way; I sliced up a honeycrisp for him, we cheers-ed our apple juice glasses and then we headed to the Apple store.

This all started a few weeks ago when I had a hot date with the Genius Bar to solve my, "Your start up disk is full" problem. The problem? I had over 8000 pictures cramping iphotos. While we were working on my computer, we started chatting about the new iphone and discovered I was up for a phone upgrade. I told him I would think about it and went home to clean off my hard drive (which took one more genius bar date and a full WEEK of picture transferring).

I had some birthday money, so toyed with the idea of using it to upgrade myself. Then I got busy. Then I started doing laundry. And more laundry. And more laundry. And then the thought occurred to me. I HATE doing laundry. Why would I buy MORE clothes thus contributing to my most hated household chore?!

I'm gonna upgrade.

After a lunch date at Chick-fil-a, Nugget and I headed over to the Apple store. We had a pep talk in the car about how he was going to act, and I promised we'd do something fun after if he could keep his cool. I then called the store to make sure I they had the phone in stock and verify that I could get in and out quickly because we had a bus to meet. When we walked in, I handed Nugget my (now) old phone so he could play some games while we chatted.

Apple dude (AD): Hi! Can I help you?
Me: Yeah is Matt working today?
AD: No, he's sick.
Me: Oh ok. He helped me a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd ask for him.
AD: Cool. Anything I can help you with?
Me: Yeah, actually. I need a new case and screen protector for my phone, but I think I'll just get a new phone instead.
AD: Ummm, I, er... ummm.... ok?
Me: Sooo... can I get an Iphone 4 please?
AD: Uh. Yeah! Um, come on over here and we'll get you set up.

I've never seen a man more afraid of an easy sale. I told Nugget to follow us and plopped him on the stool by AD's computer. I told him he could keep playing but that AD would need the phone in a second. AD said not to worry about it, that he could pull up all my info with my driver's license. Cool!

We go through all the motions and then he asks if I've backed up my old phone lately. When I tell him no, he says not to worry, just to update it first before I plug in my new one, then all of my information would transfer to the new phone.

Cue the 60 year-old woman!

Me: Wait, so I can do this when I get home?
AD: Umm yes?
Me: But don't you need my phone?
AD: Um, no?
Me: But I'm upgrading my phone.
AD: Yes and this (points to my orange phone) is your phone.
Me: Yeah, but I'm upgrading to a new one.
AD: Yes.
Me: So don't you need that one (points to orange phone)?
AD: Nooo... that's yours. You paid for that a few years ago. So you get to keep it.
Me: And I get my new one?!
AD: Yes.
Me: Well, Happy Birthday to you, too Nugget! You just got yourself an ipod touch!

I'm sure AD thought I was insane at this point, but I was totally expecting some sim card switching and my old phone would be like a $200 credit toward the new phone. Does that show you how long ago (if ever) it's been since I've upgraded a phone?!

And because Nugget was such a trooper in the Apple store, not only did he get full custody of my old phone, I told him we'd walk down to Nord's for coffee his special treat. He was thrilled and only wanted to ride up, then down, the escalator. Nice! But because I still wanted coffee, we popped into the cafe where I, again, told Nugget to pick a special treat. As he eyeballed the fruit, cookies, crackers and specialty kids drinks, I braced myself and asked what he wanted.

"I wanna cup a whipped cream."


And now, I am one apple-step ahead of UP whose life goal is to own everything with an apple logo. And the kids are excited that they get my old phone. So thanks for the great birthday, gift, Papa and Ma!

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