Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun with Math

Back to the sale.

I really enjoyed selling a BUNCH of stuff this fall, don't get me wrong. But, on top of not understanding why some things sell and some don't, I don't understand why some people buy some things used instead of getting exactly what you want new.

So, I sold Strip's coat from Land's End (3-in-1) for $30, Strip's Land's End boots for $20 and Nugget's boots for $20. I totally forgot to pull Nugget's LE jacket, but let's say I tagged it, it would have been $30 as well. All three items sold, so let's also pretend that I remembered to tag Nugget's jacket AND it sold, too.

That would give me $100 from winter basics.

This week, I logged onto ebates and saw I could get 3% cash back at Land's End. Clicked the link and popped a brand new PINK parka in my bag for Strip, new grey/black parka for Nugget and a pair of purple snow boots for Strip. I found a pair of snow boots for Nugget for $4, so he didn't need any.

Grand total with delivery? $107.

And with 3% cash back, that would be $103.79 (oh plus $4 for Nugget's boots puts me back to $107.79).

So for $7 more, I get the colors my kids like, the sizes that will fit them this year and next, can shop in my pjs and can return them to sears if, for some reason, they don't fit the kids correctly.
Totally worth $7

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mommychick said...

Oh! Nevermind! I just got an email from ebates stating that my cash back was $6.43. Even better! So that would make it totally worth the $.57.

Totally worth it.