Monday, September 27, 2010

Mixing business with pleasure

This picture has nothing to do with this post. But if you do a google image search for the above title, the results are frightening. So instead I give you this. I was cooking dinner tonight and Strip came upstairs to see what I was doing. Zesting a lemon. She asked what we were having, then asked if her "daughter" could eat with us tonight. I told her that was fine, but I only made enough for our fam of 4 and leftovers for me, so she'd have to fix her daughter's dinner. She came up a few minutes later with the above; lemon (zest) pepper chicken! And it looks like Alice fell asleep at the table.

On to the post!

I normally keep this blog about me, Hubs and the kids, but teaching preschool just gives me too many funnies NOT to share. Also, I have a sweet friend who is on hospital bed rest who could use a few laughs, so this one's for you, B!

Our group comes one day a week. But there are 12 of them each day. So 36 different littles a week. Some are potty trained, some are not and some are trying. The first day of school was nuts anyway. One little cutie had on his file "potty trained," so when he told me he needed to go, we scooted to the bathroom.

We'll call him B (not the same B who is chilling in an antepartum wing). B is adorable! And the first day of school? All decked out in his adorable duds. Tucked in little shirt, cutie shorts, a belt, oh he was just too cute! Flash forward to, "Teacher! I have to go pee pee!" We race to the potty and that adorable belt? Not so adorable in the heat of the moment. I get the buckle undone, and me, being the pro kid stripper that I am, grab his undies and shorts at the same time to save us some precious seconds. One problem. Kid's rockin' a onesie. No wonder he stayed so tucked in!

As I'm cursing the adorable clothing line in my head and praying that I don't have someone pee on me the very first day, it hits me; this is exactly the feeling Nugget's teachers must have had his first (50) days of school. Sorry, teachers!

And for the record, no one peed or pooped on me, so I call it a good day.

Today, one of my other adorables, we'll call M, was a little shaky at drop off. He pulled himself together and had an awesome day. Sometime around lunch time, M pulled me aside:

M: Ms. Mommy Chick!
Me: Yes, M?!
M: I not crying any more!!
Me: I know! (hug) I'm so proud of you! What a big boy! Isn't school fun?!
M: Yeah!
Me: And you've had a fun day today?
M: Yes!
Me: And we still have lots of fun things to do, right?!
M: Yes!
Me: and next week, when you come it, I bet you won't cry at all!
M: Well, I'll probably cry a little.

A man with a plan. I like it!

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