Friday, July 16, 2010

Behold, the power of the pep talk.

I don't own this bear. She is available at So there ya go.

I've always been big on pep talks.

Strip's been given pep talks for as long as I can remember. My theory is, kids are going to act like kids until you tell them how they are supposed to act. So, going into a store? "Ok! We have to go into the store to get milk, bread and apple juice. You need to hold mommy's hand while we are in the store. The sooner we get in and get out, the sooner we can go to the library, got it?"


So both kids have been a little nuts-o lately. Nugget is still in grandparent detox. He is insistent on "having 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 snuggles" after we leave or he wants to watch a movie. Really?! Where did that come from? Oh yeah. Grandparents!

Strip has been doing her normal we-thought-it-was-sleep-walking-now-we're-sure-she-just-likes-the-fan-in-our-room 3 am bed-joining. Not a big deal, because I'm usually dead to the world, but if I'm up with Nugget late, then have a Strip invasion, ugh.

Last night was hell, and I finally just caved and tossed Nugget in bed with me. Some would say, "He's three! Let him cry it out!" My kids don't do that. I let him CIO from about 9 until 11:30. I'd go in to remind him that we were there and he was ok, but he just wouldn't settle. I caved at 11:30 because I was exhausted. Strip woke me up at 3. Bad dreams about a wolf (sidenote: I blame you, PaPa. She's been on a "wolves are going to eat me" kick for 3 nights. Finally we were talking about red riding hood and she said, "PaPa said we better be careful because a wolf might eat Ma!" Ha ha ha, she took it seriously.), so I figured I couldn't get any LESS sleep, spooning in her 200* room.

Oh wait! I could! UP sent her the Owl City cd and she insisted on having the "Fireflies" song on repeat. Every time she kicked me in the stomach, I was serenaded, "I'd like to make myself believe, that planet Earth turns, slowly..."

2 hours later, Nugget is in my face, tapping me on the nose. "Hey mommy. Get up. The sun up. I let Zoe out. Let's go eat oatmeal."

Tonight, I started at dinner.
Me: Ok. So tonight? New night. We're going to go upstairs, brush our teeth. Wash our faces and get in bed. We're going to get a snuggle while we read stories and say prayers. Then, Mommy and Daddy are going to leave. No more talking, no more snuggling. Sleeping time.

Nugget: Yeah, last night, I cry, "Waaah! Mommy!! I need a tell you sump-pin!"

Me: Yup, so tonight, you tell me or daddy "sump-pin" before we leave. Lights will go out, and it will be quiet and sleepy time until morning, got it?

Nugget and Strip: GOT IT!

After Family Movie night, we marched up stairs, got ready for bed, got our snuggles and giggles, and I turned out the light. I asked them both (bunk bed night) if they had anything else they needed to tell me.

Nugget: Yeah. Momm-eh? Can we go to the pool tomorrow?

Me: probably

Strip: Do you think we can have waffles for breakfast?

Me: I'll give Daddy the request!


I went downstairs and took Zoe out (carpets are still clean today!) and didn't hear a peep from either kid.

Still holding my breath, but we have no shades on our bedroom windows, so I'll have a clear view of any flying pigs.

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