Saturday, July 10, 2010

WOW that didn't take long.

I love infomercials.

I totally get sucked in and fall in love with products. When I was younger I really wanted a Ronco Food Dehydrator , even after my mother pointed out that I hate jerky and dried fruit. But maybe I WOULD like them if I had a R.F.D!

My first infopurchase was the EZ Krunch. I literally put CASH in the mail to order it (ah to be young and clueless again!). To my mother's surprise, they actually sent me one! Giant piece of poo.

Since then, I've purchased Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers (technically Hubs ordered these from HSN for my birthday, but still a "tv" purchase), Snuggie's, Perfect brownie Maker and a Touch n Brush. Most of those were purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond, but they still count. My online As Seen On TV wants from the past were a clapper and some tinfoil type thing you could cook with in your microwave.

It was no shock that when Wow Containers commercial came on during a show last Christmas, I needed them! Every top is a bottom and every bottom is a top?! Could it get any better?! I resisted the urge to order them online, but have been keeping my eye out for them ever since.

Yesterday, I needed some spinach and after-bite itch cream (not for the same recipe), so popped into the grocery store on the way home from the pool. There, on the end cap, almost glowing were the boxes! A 40 piece set for only $19.99!

We scooted home, and I began to run them through the dishwasher. After the first round came out, I tried to put a bottom and a bottom together. I told myself it was just because they were hot from the washer and I'd try again later.

Hubs came home and giggled at the sight of our counters covered in drying Wow's, and he too wanted to try to put them together. CRACK. 45 minutes in our home and one's already broken. And still not snapped together. I tried again and could not get them to click (and almost broke two more trying), so back in the box they went.

I am still in the need of storage containers, so if you have some you love, please share. Otherwise Hubs is going to be taking leftovers to work in either Tiana or McQueen snack takers.

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