Monday, July 12, 2010

Triumphant return of the To-Do list

But first, a follow up from the last post. Last night, as Hubs and I were settling into watch Forensic Files, an infomercial for a men's sliming T. It's basically a man girdle. And the guy says, "It's not binding!" Really? Isn't that the point? If it weren't binding, it would just be a tank top. Not buying this, don't worry, Hubs.

Back to the point.

A year or so ago, I was looking for a good, daily organizational method, mainly for housekeeping. I wanted a way to schedule out things to do during the week so I wouldn't get overwhelmed, but also wouldn't, oh, say forget to do laundry until we were all out of underwear. Before Strip was born, I stumbled on the Fly Lady. Loved her concepts, but I was getting 87 emails a day, and when I opted out of the emails and would just check the website, I found it too cluttered, which is funny because she's supposed to help you rid your home of clutter (there is also a major over use of "lol." I can't stand lol's in general, but when used as often as punctuation, bleh).

So last year, while googling "to do lists" and "home management" instead of actually just making a to do list or managing my home, I found Simple Mom. Love this site! She's got lots of great resources, and has a wonderful to-do list that you can download and print for free!

I like it because while you can write as many "to-do's" in as you want, you pick three MIT's or most important things that HAVE to be done. You can also map out your day by time. So, I can write in, "Take chicken out of the freezer" or "Start making the lasagna" early in the day and actually do it instead of remembering at 6:00 and saying, "Crap! Who wants grilled cheese for supper!?"

There's also a pocket docket if you don't need a full page (but I'm wordy, so I like having a lot of room). You can see all of her downloads HERE, so go get your life organized!

And now that I've wasted 15 minutes writing about being organized, I'm off to actually make my to-do list.

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