Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bright idea

Whose bright idea was it to get the bigger swing set?

Oh yeah. That was mine.

When I stumbled upon the Costco playset, one of my concerns was that it was too small. I didn't want the kids being too tall for it in 2 years. So when we found the build-it-yourself options, I was elated! We took off some of the more expensive options (tube slide, horse swing, etc) and put the money towards the lumber. As a result, we have a great playset, which includes a slide so steep, there should be someone at the top instructing you to lean back, cross your arms over your chest and cross your feet at the ankles, and monkey bars so far off the ground, I've called ahead to the E.R. to reserve casts.

Strip actually went across them tonight, fairly unassisted (she's got strongs!).

Nugget tried, and looked like this:

He then informed us, "I too little. I need a be a little bigger for the monkey bars."

I agree, little friend.

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