Thursday, July 1, 2010

What would the church preschool say to this?!

Strip has a bag that has this saying on it. I'm feeling a wee bit too lazy to go snap a picture, so I googled it, and voila! Someone makes cups that say it on there, too! Adorable!

Well, we are back from the beach and I *think* we've officially grandparent detoxed the kids. It's nice to get back into the grove of things, even if "normal life" doesn't include a margarita on the beach at 10:30 AM.

One thing Strip (and now Nugget) love is role playing. Earlier today, Strip was calling me "Your Highness," and asked if it was ok if she called me that.

Me: You can call me that, but that's what you call a queen.
Strip: ok?
Me: And I'm not a queen.
Strip: thinking for a minute Ok. I can call you that.
Me: Why?
Strip: Well, I'm a princess, and I'm your daughter, so you have to be a queen.

Simple enough!

Today she traded in "your highness" for "ma'am" because I was the waitress, and they were the customers. This entailed me reading them the specials for the day (whatever they were having for lunch/dinner with their choice of fruit, veggie and beverage) and taking their orders.

For dinner, they were dining at our very exclusive Restaurant al Fresco aka the deck. I went outside to read the specials and took their orders, ladies first.

I'll have the toasted cheese sandwich, cut like a flower (if you can't do that, please let me know and I'll pick something else), with oranges and baby carrots. And to drink, I'd like a margarita, hold the tequila.

Nice. Glad I have one who will just say no, but I'm hoping this order doesn't carry into the kindergarden lunch line.

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