Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Mickey. Where is your moral compass?

For those of you who have not watched the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it's a pretty cute show. Mickey and the gang have little adventures and use counting, colors and memory games along the way. Sometimes, they need a little help, so they call on Toodles (oh TOOOodddlles!). Toodles has 3-4 things that will help Mickey and his friends, including a mystery mouse-ka-tool.

While not a substitute for preschool, it's a cute show that keeps the kids involved, reinforces basic skills and invites you to do the Hot Dog dance at the end.

My first, "Really, Mickey?" moment was last year when Goofy said, "Guess what?" to which Mickey replied, "What?" and Goofy said, "Chicken BUTT!"

Really, Mickey?

This morning, I was getting breakfast ready for everyone and Goofy was in some sort of a race. Something happened and he went off course, and at one point, Mickey suggested finding a mouse-ka-tool to help Goofy.


I thought Strip was talking about how much milk I gave Nugget vs her, so I asked what she was talking about.

"Goofy is supposed to be running this race, and Mickey's going to get a mouse-ka-tool from Toodles to help him. You can't do that. That's cheating. He's going to win the race because of Toodles and that's not fair!"

Good point, Strip.

What next Mickey? What next?

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