Sunday, July 25, 2010

I don't mind having a husband who travels

I do mind having a husband who travels places I love!

When we lived in Florida, travel was a mix of random farms (no thank you) and beautiful beaches (yes please!). I never had a desire to travel then because I either had a small child, had a small child and was pregnant or had 2 small children. So the idea of spending a weekend at the Ritz was not appealing after adding in the packing up of pack-n-plays, diapers, wipes, swim diapers, clothes, lovies, pillows, food, snacks, cups.... you get the idea.

Now, Nugget and Strip are pretty golden. 3+ and 5+ are pretty easy travel ages. They eat what we eat, sleep where we sleep and pee where we pee. But, since Hubs got the traveling job in January, there was nowhere I really wanted to go or could go with work and kids in preschool.

That changed last week when he scooted to Chicago for a couple of days.

Don't tell NYC, but I LOVE Chicago. Love it. I figured I'd enjoy it when Hubs took me there to see Wicked, and even though it was bone chillingly cold, we had a good time. Back with the girls? We had a great time. Back with another couple friend for our anniversary? I want to MOVE there (the above picture was taken on that trip. It makes me giggle every time I look at it)!

When I mentioned to Hubs that the kids and I could "totally go with you," he replied that it was going to be a quick trip and not really worth it for us to go up there." The next morning, when he called, he confirmed that it was "really pretty boring."

Me: Oh yeah? What did you do?
Hubs: We literally checked into the hotel, went to dinner with the ad guys and went back to the hotel.
Me: I love the ad guys! We had a great dinner when they were here.
Hubs: yeah, and now I'm just going to meetings all day, then I'll be home tonight. You wouldn't have fun.
Me: HellO?! I wouldn't go to meetings with you! I'd sleep at the hotel, but the kids and I would head to the Pier, go to the American Girl Store, shop, play!
Hubs: I gotta go.

So once again, Hubs headed out to Chicago. We have too much going on this week to run away with him (because, really HUbs, what would you do if we just showed up at the hotel? Tell us to drive home?), so we're making the most of it. I really miss Hubs when he's gone, but the kids and I have developed a routine, and sometimes things go much smoother when he's not around. Not that he's not a good husband and father. I think it's more that I HAVE to be both parents, so I'm on my game more.

But just to rub salt in the wound, tonight we were chatting before dinner. I'm going through my 5 year plan about cars and discussing the pro's and con's of cars and what car we should get next (not any time soon) when Hubs interrupts me:

Hubs: WOW. This room is MUCH bigger that I thought it was going to be.

So sorry to hear you're slummin' Hubs!

So, I'm embracing my single-lady status and have put the kids to bed, washed my face and slipped into my pjs. I've poured myself a nice glass of wine and am enjoying a scary movie in the basement, since my big girlie husband prefers Twilight over thrillers.

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