Thursday, July 8, 2010

Four Strip Sillies

I've been bad about writing down the funnies that come from Strip, so here are four that have nothing in common except for the fact that they all come from Strip:

Stripism 1
Setting: our house.
We've been working with both kids on yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am. Nugget's still learning. Strip asked him something, and Nugget responded, "Ma'am?"

Strip: (with a heavy sigh) UGH! How many times to do I have to tell you?! I'm not a "ma'am," I'm a "what!"

Stripisim 2
Setting: on the way to the pool/water park.
Strip had previously spent the week at PaPa and Ma's who have a water park at their YMCA. They are members there, but apparently, getting a one week pass for Strip is more difficult than than making a bill a law.

Strip: You know? PaPa and Ma have a pool kinda like this, recept it's in Georgia. And only people who live in Georgia can go there. But I don't live in Georgia, so I'm really not allowed to. But I can. You know why? Because Ma is determined. You know what that means? It means even though I don't live in Georgia, I still can go to the pool.

Stripism 2
Setting: Bed time.
We've been working on the whole go-to-bed-and-stay-there-all-night-thing, so Strip's made a chart with a bunch of "Z's" coming out of a sleeping person. Each morning, after sleeping in her bed all night, she gets to put a sticker over a Z and when it's full, we're going to buy Alice in Wonderland (the new creepy version) to "keep forever" as Strip says. The other night, she was stalling at bedtime and wanted to just sleep in our bed, so I said, "Ok, but I guess if you sleep in our bed, you're not going to get a sticker on your chart...."

Strip: That's fine Mom. It's not like this is my last night ever.

I wanted to say, "You never know! We could all die tomorrow!" but figured that would DEFINITELY not help in the sleeping alone category. So instead, I bit my lip to hold back the laughter, agreed with her statement and tucked her into our bed.

Stripism 4
Setting: late afternoon on a rainy day, playing with Bendaroos
Strip was building a campfire out of bendaroos and went on a nine minute tangent about something and how wonderful it was. She finished her spiel by asking, "isn't that wonderful of me?!" to which I replied, "Oh yes! Thank you!"

Strip: Don't thank me, thank the Lord!

I giggled and said, "Ok, Thanks Lord!" She corrected me by saying, "No, say,'Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful daughter!'"


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