Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No wonder he upgrades.

I think I've only given Hubs one gift that he hasn't upgraded.

In college, I worked at a fine jewelry store. I sold many engagement rings to many men. It was then that it struck me; why is it that men are expected to purchase a pricy diamond ring, and the guys get nothing? So I figured when I got engaged, I'd buy my future Hubs something nice as well. When Hubs popped the question, he got a Rolex a few days later and has been happily wearing it ever since.

Oh no, make that 2. For his wedding gift, I had a pair of cuff links hand-engraved with the UGA arches. He kept those, too.

So one birthday, he really wanted a shuffle so he could run with music. So what do I get him? A shuffle. What does he do? Trade it in on a nano, purchased the nike + thing and, of course, had to get the shoes to go with them.

Then, I SUPER surprise him the next Christmas and get him a PS3 with an extra controller and 5 bluray discs. Great right? Even better, apparently, is going out and buying 2 extra games and a guitar hero guitar (on a side note, I ROCK at G.H., so much so that Hubs was forced to also buy Rock Band because he was convinced he could school me on drums. I also rock at Rock Band. All instruments).

His birthday is right after Christmas, so I feel like he always gets the shaft on gifts. Plus, gift exchange wasn't exactly even Christmas before last so when I spotted a Kegerator in Costco, I knew I had the golden ticket. I put off impulse buying it, then talked myself into buying it three days later, but when I called the woman said, "Sorry we just sold it!" It? It! There was an "it" in a box, but the floor model was still there! I'm still in the game! "So you still have the floor model?" I ask and she quickly responded, "Um no we sold that one, too...." I wanted to shout, "LIAR!!" but figured I would just scoot over there the next day.

Strip's last day of school, Nugget and I went to Costco and behold! There was the last Kegerator! And it was marked down! I looked around and resisted the urge to lick it, claiming it as my own. I did park Nugget, in the cart, in front of it while I flagged the nearest employee to cart it off for me.

I did the happy dance all the way home and was trying to figure out how I was going to hide it until Father's Day. Then I remembered we would be at the beach for Father's Day, so I'd have to give it to him right before we left and he wouldn't be able to "play" with it until we got back. Or, I could give it to him when we got back, but Hubs has a crazy travel schedule, so I thought I'd just REALLY surprise him and give it to him now!

He loved it! Had that baby up and running, chilling a keg in no time. And it's been great, we've loved it. With the minor exception that it's plugged into an outlet that is on a funky breaker, so we have to watch the power outages, it's been great.


We've noticed the temp has been slowly creeping up. And the manual temp gauge on the outside won't adjust. No worries. Costco takes EVERYTHING back, but I wanted to try to fix it first.

I called Danby to see if there was a part or something I could order and the nice lady said since I had my receipt, I could call the repair man in our area, show him the receipt, and they could fix it for free! Yay!

I called the number and left a message. 20 minutes later, the service center called to apologize, but they haven't serviced Danby products in 2 years and "apparently, it's just too difficult for them to take our name off our list..." and then went into a three minute rant about it.

Ookie dookie.

I called back and got another number. That number was forward to another Boston. I doubt Boston would scoot someone out to me for a Keg repair, so I call back and ask for at LEAST 2 numbers. Other 2 don't service that company's warranty repairs either. Notice a trend? My opinion now? They sell expensive poop that breaks so often, even the warranty repair people are sick of dealing with them.

Ugh. I finally find an awesome gift and it self destructs. So we are chugging keg beer at our house! All are welcome to join! And I'm sure after I return this to Costco, Hubs will find a double tap kegerator or one that comes with a beer wench to fetch him a fresh pint, just to keep the upgrade theme going.


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