Friday, January 9, 2009

That wasn't exactly even...

Do I look different?  Hubs went all out for Christmas this year.  We just bought a house, so we sort of agreed that we would just call that Christmas to each other, and maybe just get a couple of things to open on Christmas morning.  

So after decorating the Christmas tree, he stuck an envelope in it, surprising me with tickets to Wicked and a weekend in Chicago.  Not cheap.  And even though it was my Christmas present, that man loves a good musical, so it was kind of a win win.  After house and Chicago, we agreed that we were really done with Christmas.

So Christmas morning, the kids and family are opening presents.  Hubs gave me a card with a sweet little note from him and some cash.  I have to share this part because it cracks me up:

                             I was going to get you a gift card to get some coffee, but then
                            I got in the wrong lane, so I said screw it, I'll give her cash.

Hee hee love you, too!  He also gave me a new lap desk, which I was over the moon about.  My old one was made by my sorority big sister and had completely fallen apart over the years.  In fact, this year, I had actually thrown it away (sorry, Em!), but dug it out of the bag when it was time to address Christmas card envelopes, then thrown it away again.  I figured he saw me dumpster dive and didn't want me to keep fishing it out of the can.

After the kids were in bed, I plopped down on the couch with his work laptop.  He came over and closed it and put it away.  I was ticked!  HellO!  I was in the middle of something!  He said I had one more present to open.  And my loving wife response was, "Well, don't shut that down.  I need to finish what I was doing."  Open the last present and there in the box, shining in all it's glory, is a new MacBook.  Woop woop!  That was the real reason he got me the lap desk.

So last week, I'm video chatting with one of my best buds and she asked what all I got for Christmas.  After rattling off all of my great stuff, she asked what I got him. 

Ummm.  A sweater.

We both died laughing.  He did get some nice pjs from Target, too and some new face wash and shave gel... yeah, I think I came out on top.  In my defense, he did get a nice PS3 with extra controller, games and blurays last year.  I just couldn't top that.  Guess we'll just alternate big Christmases for each other.  Good thing I have a full year to try to come up with something!

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