Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm sure it will taper off in first grade

This applies to two things.
First, is Strips height.  She has ALWAYS been in the 75-95th percentile for height.  I have no idea why, neither of us are tall, in
 fact I was always the kid sitting in front of the sign in class pictures.  Ohh, how I wanted to stand on the back row of the risers.  And her feet!  Thank goodness we lived near a Stride Rite outlet because the kid went up a full size every month at one point in her life.  We just had to buy her new shoes, and check out these skis:

I remember the first day of the first grade.  I had on my brand new pair of white keds.  I felt great.  I went to school, where everyone made fun of my little, baby feet.  "What size are those?"  "11's"  "HAHAHAHA, baby feet, baby feet!"  Everyone else had a size 1, at least.  :-(  At the rate she's going, she'll be wearing MY shoes by kindergarten.  

Anyway, the kid is also an elephant and doesn't forget a thing.  One of her favorite books as a little baby was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," and she learned all of the animals.  So PaPa and Ma come with us to Disney World for Strip's 3rd birthday.  We walk in to Animal Kingdom, and Ma says, "Ohh!  Look at the parrot!"  to which Strip says, "Ack-ully (actually) that's a Scarlet Macaw."  And she was totally right.

We are doing the library reading challenge right now and the kids have a chart to fill in when they read, and a penguin that they can color.  It's a little die cut card stock thing.  Well, hers had a little stringy piece of paper that didn't quite get cut off.  It almost looked like her penguin had hair.  Rainbaby (as we use to call her because of her ocd tendencies) noticed it right away, but her response?

"Oooh!  Mine can me a marconi penguin!"  

For those of you not up on your animals, here is a visual so you don't have to google it:

And she colored it yellow this morning, and I cannot tell you the last time that kid saw a picture of a marconi penguin.  Crazy.

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