Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ok, I get it. Lay off dessert.

When I was little, I was the kid in the bubble.  I was allergic to everything except for peanuts.  And thank goodness because I LIVED off of peanut butter sandwiches and apple juice for a good 12 years.  

One of my fondest allergy memories is of  Thanksgiving.  We normally did a turkey and a ham (because that's normal and I couldn't eat turkey), but one year, we decided not to get the ham.  No one really ate it, and it's not like I LOVED ham, so my Thanksgiving dinner was going to be a HAMburger.  With all of the cooking excitement, my hamburger ended up being burnt to a crisp so my mom made me a peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a turkey with a little help from a cookie cutter.    
(Eggs are the devil.  Don't you just love google?!)

My egg allergy was so bad that I couldn't eat pancakes, so my pancakes were simply bisquick and water (no milk, no egg).  I know, yumm, right?  Thanks to allergy shots, drugs and time, I outgrew MOST of my allergies.  At my last scratch test 10-12 years ago, the only foods that showed up were chicken and eggs, but chicken was super light and egg wasn't that  bad.  So I was told chicken in moderation and don't eat an egg by itself, but eggs in things would be fine.

Fast forward to last night.  Hubs has some farm people in town for work and was in a meeting all day Monday and meetings and a dinner last night.  The dinner was at a nice little Italian place, and knowing I LOVE tiramisu, he brought a piece home for us to split.  I haven't tasted that fatty goodness in a while because it has raw egg in it, so I tried to avoid it when I was pregnant, so I was doubly excited.  

There I am, facebook chatting with a BFF, watching Biggest Loser and eating my cake (hee hee).  End the chat with my buddy and take my last savory bite.  As SOON as I put the fork down, I feel my throat swelling.  I grab the children's benadryl because that's all we had  and down it.  Nothing.  Meanwhile, I'm googling throat swelling (because I turn to google for all of my medical advice) and the only thing WebMD will tell me is "Seek medical attention immediately."  I get hubs to call the hospital that is right next to our house to see if they have an E.R.  They probably thought we were nuts, but I thought it was just a maternity hospital and didn't want to roll up into Labor and Delivery with anaphylactic  shock.

I told hubs not to worry, that I would probably get there, have to wait for an hour or seven and be fine and they would think I was just a drama llama, so I (the idiot) drove myself.  By the time I got checked in, the nurse had run out to get me, slapped me on a bed and they were going nuts.  Three nurses trying to get my vitals, poor lab tech guy blew my good vein while he was trying to start and iv, I started to rash all over my neck and chest and my blood pressure was something outrageous like 162/115.   They started pushing drugs and got me stable and my bp started to drop little by little, but told me I would need to call someone to come get me.  I felt fine, but they said I would be a little loopy (they were right).

I'm assuming that it was the raw egg in the tiramisu, but I really thing it was God slapping me in the face because not only did I skip my workout today, I was eating dessert really late while I watch people working their butts off to lose weight.  Next time, I guess I'll snack on rice cakes.


Temple said...

Holy crap! Glad you are ok! But the burning question is, was the tiramisu worth it? :)

mommychick said...

It was way too small of a piece, and I inhaled it in about 4 bites. It was good, but not, oh-I-want-to-tempt-death-good. Now I guess I'll have to come up with a list of "Foods I would risk dying to eat," huh? :-)