Friday, January 23, 2009

When in doubt, check small spaces

We recently got our cards for our awesomely awesome library.  This thing is HUGE!  Love it.  The day we went, it was me and the kiddos, and it was WAY too close to lunch.  So after signing up for the read-a-thon, we grabbed the closest 5 books and got out of there.   Hubs went by after work to get his card and picked up a couple of dvds for the kids.

Strip was really excited to get Bambi, but because it was the library's and it was a double disk and I didn't want to replace it, I put the dvd in the player in the basement and kept the other pieces upstairs.  So a week goes by and we are gathering our books to return and we cannot find Bambi disk one anywhere.  We tore the entire house apart, but nothing.  That's ok, we'll just renew if for another week.  It has to be here somewhere.  It never left the basement!  We start to put the house back together and reorganize, but still no Bambi.  I go through every dvd case to make sure it hasn't been put away in the wrong place.  Still nothing.  But, I did have a nice little stack of cases that were also missing dvds.  Great.

Tonight, I convince hubs to do 30DS with me (more on that in the next post), so we head to the basement with the kiddos, toss them in the bounce house and get ready to work out.  The dvd player is hooked up to the kids little tv, so hubs unplugged it and handed it to me so we could hook it up to the big tv.  As I set it down on the tv stand, I look through that little grate/vent on top where the dvd spins and see Cars...and about three other dvds.  Think we found Bambi!  We have to pop the top off before we get the final count, but I'm guessing at least three and placing the blame solely on Nugget.

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