Sunday, January 11, 2009

And now I'm getting fashion advice from a 3 year-old

Because having your son pee in your ugly shoes isn't bad enough.

After spending the afternoon making my meal list for the week, writing a grocery list and clipping coupons, Strip and I headed over to do our weekly shopping.  I just threw on some grocery store grubs (jeans, t shirt, jacket and uggs), and put some comfy warm clothes on Strip which she hated.  If it were up to her, she's wear a dress every day.  AND, she comments on how I don't wear a dress and it bugs her (especially to church).

Anyway, we're on the way home, and it was starting to get dark.  One of the neighborhoods had lights, wreaths and lighted garland all lit up.

       Strip:  Ooohh how stylish!

       Me:  giggle

       Strip:  What?  Stylish is a fancy word for fancy.
       Me:  O0ooh.  Well, Am I stylish?

       Strip:  Not in that outfit.


      Strip:  Mommy.  Remember when it was Christmas, and 
                   we went to church, and you wore that black dress
                   and the tights and the neck-a-less?

       Me:  Yes

       Strip:   That was stylish.

Point taken.  I'll try to look a little better when I drop you off for preschool tomorrow and not embarrass you in front of the other three year-olds.

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