Friday, January 9, 2009

He speaks!

Strip was a talkaholic very early on.  I joke that Nugget doesn't talk much because he can't get a word in with Strip around.  I finally started teaching him signs so he wouldn't just scream at everyone.  He's doing pretty well, and is adding to his vocabulary every day.  

He now says the following: mama, dada, ma, papa, "Strip", woof woof  (for the dog), snow, mo (more), please, thanks, sorry, car, choo choo, eat, oats, cookie (for cracker), Mickey, boo, water, bock bock, duck, mooooo, uh oh, ho ho, teeth, raisins, and I'm sure there's 'mo' I just can't think of them all right now.  

He loves to sing, and both kids love the Wicked soundtrack.  Strip's favorite song is "One Short Day," and Nugget's is "Popular."  We get in the car Wednesday to pick up Strip from school, and Nugget was fussing.  I asked if he wanted to sing and he nodded yes, so I put on his song.  He was still fussing, so I turned it down.  He was shaking his head no the whole time.  I said, "You don't want this, buddy?  What's the matter?"  and he said, "Sing, MEEE-EE-EE DOWN!"  Which would be "Gravity."  His first sentence is a request for show tunes :-)  Love it.  Oh, and Strip's first sentence was, "I want that." while pointing to something.  I love my kids!

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