Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dinner Conversations

We are exactly 6 months from our next Disney trip.  I know, because I have been obsessing about it for the past week, and now that it's planned, we can just get excited.  When I was setting everything up, I asked Strip if there was anyone special she wanted to eat with while we were there.  Big shocker, she wants to go to Cinderella's castle.  

We've been three times before, so we know the drill.  The first time, it was our last day at Disney and the only character dining, so we thought what the heck.  Kids loved it.  So, I called like a madwoman trying to get a table for Strip's birthday.  I was finally able to get a seating for dinner during a Pirates and Princess party.  So, Nugget was dressed as a pirate and Strip was dressed as Cinderella.  Third time was another, last minute, they were open, why not, but because we weren't there for a party, we were just in our normal Disney clothes.  We stand in line to be greeted by Cinderella and Strip is all kind of excited.  It's our turn, and the photo guy takes Strip's autograph book and hands it to Cinderella, totally throwing her off.  She looks at her shoes and bursts into tears (and if that weren't bad enough, we still had lunch to sit through, and it's not cheap but it IS pre-paid, so it's not like we were really going to leave).  Cinderella was super gracious and said we could come back after lunch to try again.

I take Strip to the bathroom where she calms down.  I finally ask if she's sad because she wasn't dressed up and she shook her head "no," but I still kind of thought that was the problem.  I assured her that not everyone was dressed up, and she was still a princess even in her normal dress.  She said ok, and we left the bathroom just as a gaggle of 6 year-olds came in all decked out princess style.

So, tonight we are talking about Disney, chatting about Cinderella and she asks if she can wear her new Snow White dress that day.  I said sure, and she says, "That's why I was crying that day." 

Me:  When were you crying?

Strip:  The last time we were at Cinderella's (the kid is an elephant, she forgets nothing)

Me:  You were crying because you didn't have a princess dress on?

Strip:  Yeah.

Me:  Awe, sweetie, I'm sorry!

Strip:  That's ok, Mommy.  Everyone makes mistakes some time.

Three and a half and already blaming her mother for all her problems.  The teenage years are going to be fun.

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