Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow. I was WAY off

So last night, I posted about the dvd player.  Today hubs decided to free the dvds.  Let's take a look through pictures.

1.  A look through the vent:

Care to guess how many there are?

Time's up!

2.   The top is removed and we can now see...
Wow.  I thought there were no more than three.  Let's spread them out and count, shall we?

11, plus two things that aren't even dvds, but are kind of shape like one.  I'm telling you, that kid is good!


Temple said...


Laura and Ross Redman said...

This is priceless...and come to think of it. The AC return does kinda look like a DVD player. Huh?

Lianne said...

Well, that's just impressive. That took skill and effort. My kids are such slackers! :)

p.s. Found you through Temple. Great blog!

mommychick said...

Yes, my kids do set the bar pretty high :-)