Friday, January 30, 2009

Operation "Get your finger out of your nose" is underway

My name is Mommychick and I have a nose picker.

BLEH.  We've told her that if you pick your nose, you'll get sick and can't go to school/Disney World/outside.  For a few weeks, reminding her that "Princesses don't pick their nose," worked.  I even made up a song.  Wanna hear it?  Ok, to the tune of Laurie Berkner's clean up song:

Pick your nose!  No, no, no!
Use a tissue or a wipe, 
Keep those boogers out of sight!
Pick your nose!  No, no no!
You gotta wipe them away,
wipe them away, wipe those boogers away!

But my future songwriter re-wrote the lyrics to say, "Pick your nose, yummy yummy," so that doesn't work now either.

And because she has a cold, and it's snowy, I know her nose itches, but come on.  It's gross.  So I did some googling this morning (parenting skills and medical advice, there's no better place to get it!), and found that thumb sucker girls would keep their thumbs out of their mouths if their nails were painted.

Princess costume of the day today is Sleeping Beauty, pink, sparkly  and wonderful ("Actually, I'm Snow White.  I just LOOK like Sleeping Beauty because I have yellow hair and a pink dress on, but I'm really Snow White").  And the other night, I came across some nail polish that a WONDERFUL friend gave her before we moved.  

We applied the special keep-your-finger-out-of-your-nose polish just now, and so far so good.  We'll see how long this lasts, but I  have a good feeling that I'll soon have a nose picker that likes to eat paint chips.


Temple said...


I vaguely recall our parents telling us we could poke our brain through our nose and it would kill us instantly...feel free to use that one :)

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

snicker. I am so glad to hear about a little GIRL that has this problem! I've got two compulsive booger-picker sons and it makes me CRAZY. The 9 y.o. seems to finally be getting it, but the 6 y.o. is really OCD with his nose "issues."

Hope the fingernail polish works! And sorry to take glee in your problem. :( I know it's not very nice.... but there is camaraderie in shared misery, right?

p.s. found you through Temple!

mommychick said...

Temple ~ I think that would encourage her to see just how far she could pick, so I'm not going there.

Amy~ Come on in and enjoy the treasure hunt with me. No one in real life will admit these problems because everyone else's kids are perfect :-) I would say slap a little polish on your 6 yo, but knowing how much my little boy lives wearing dress up shoes and a tiara, you might not want to go there :-)

Anonymous said...

Came to you through Temple. She was right, you are a gem.

Is it ok if I come along for the ride?