Monday, February 2, 2009

A whole new respect for biggest losers

In early November, I added The 30 Day Shred (or 30ds as I like to call it) to the top of my Netflix queue.  In late December, I called Netflix, because I still had not received it (and that was SO the reason that my fat pants were getting a little snug).  Finally got my dvd just before New Years.  Woo hoo!  It sat nestled in that sweet little red envelope for a good two weeks collecting dust.

To get inspired and excited about my new trainer, hubs and I started watching The Biggest Loser, a show I normally boycott because I just want everyone to stay on the show, and it makes my heart hurt when someone gets sent home.  So I get sucked in on episode one.  Poor Jerry is giving me a heart attack every time he takes a step.  

We even sign up for the pound for pound challenge.  Unfortunately because hubs and I tend to watch it while drinking a glass of wine and/or eating dessert, my poundage is going up, not down.  But every week, it's the same -- I'm screaming things at the tv like, "Come on!  This is what you're here for!  How hard is it to jump up and down?!"  and, "Get with it Joelle!  You're not even pretending like you are trying!"  Meanwhile, 30ds sits collecting dust.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to start the workout without hubs.  He always had a (really good) excuse as to why we couldn't work out, so a couple of Wednesday's ago, Nugget and I decided to give it a shot.  Oh. My. Sweet. Cellulite.  I had no idea how incredibly out of shape I really was.  Push-ups are the devil, and I thought I was going to cry a little, but I made it through the 20 minutes and was really thankful hubs wasn't there to see me.  I told him I did it without him, so of course, Thursday, the kids had a date with the bounce house and we had a date with Jillian.

Hubs last words?  "Ohh, level one?  Thought maybe we'd go ahead and start with level 2."

Hubs next words?  "Oh my gah!  HEEEEE!  I'm dying!  OW!!  OH MY LEGS!  AHHHH!"

Hahahahahaha.  I hated seeing him in pain :-)  but I'll admit, it felt pretty darn good to be able to knock out more crunches than him considering my abdominal wall has been ripped apart and sliced open twice.

So I kept my mouth shut the next Tuesday night.

Oh, and we've been working out regularly and have now moved on to level 2.  I had no idea how fun it would be trying to watch Hubs do jump twists and skates.  Good times!

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