Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No! I'm not pregnant!

I honestly have no "good" reason for dropping the Joe.

Before our move, I worked like a nut and hubs was out of town a lot, so it was me and the kids, and my hot and heavy romance with Mocha got way out of control.  I was good and would make my own, so it's not like dropping the habit would save cash.  We've been doing the 30ds and I just haven't seen the scale drop, so I thought cutting out the liquid calories might help me out a little (oh, I picked up my Coke habit when I was pregnant with Nugget... That doesn't sound right... Coke a cola habit.  That's better).

So I just figured today would be the day.  I needed to just do it.  Don't worry, I'm sipping a nice glass of Cab right now (because wine is good for your heart, right?).  And shockingly, I made it through the day without killing anyone (although I'm still an hour or two out from bed so there's still a chance).

I'm sure I'll crash and burn soon, but so far so good.  I will admit that I skipped a trip to Target today out of fear of the mermaid logo (aka Starbucks).  Literally, passed the neighborhood, drove a 1/4 mile and decided to just go home and try to go to Target tomorrow.  It's all about baby steps.

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Tiffany said...

If you give up wine, I'm driving to Idaho or Wisconsin or where ever and slapping the crap out of you.

Hugs! :)