Sunday, February 22, 2009

I think she's going to be a lawyer

Strip is a really quick thinker and can talk her way out of anything.  Tonight, we are cleaning the basement up before bed, and I find a plastic tea cup (that she just got in a set for Christmas) with one half completely missing.  I held it up so she could see it.

Me:     Ohh.  I sure hope  I don't get this tea cup at your next tea party.
Strip:  Why?    
Me:     Look at it!  Half of it is missing.  If you put tea in it, it will all 
     spill out.   Looks like you need to take better care of your things.
Strip:  No, no mommy.  Have you seen Alice in Wonderland?
Me:     Yes.
Strip:  Remember when they are having the tea party with the Mad 
    Hatter?  He pours a half a glass of tea in a tea cup that's cut 
    in half.  That tea cup is supposed to be like that because that's 
    the one I use when I'm playing Alice in Wonderland tea party.


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