Friday, February 6, 2009

OH forget it!

Bleh. All was going well this morning. I awoke to the sound of Nugget fussing in his bed and Strip lying sideways in our bed. I checked the clock and it was 6:30. Groan, but glad to be up. I was having a really freaky dream. I was bitten by a crazy fox (who also bit my neighbor and my dog), so I locked it in our garage, but the doctors said that we all had rabies and had anywhere between a day and a year to live. I stayed in denial because I didn't trust the Mexican doctors, yup, for some reason we were in Mexico (which actually looked more like Greece, but whatever). I think that God was telling me that life is too short, be happy?

Anyway, I go into Nugget's room hoping to just sneak into his bed and snuggle for an hour, but no luck. He starts doing that I'm-a-morning-person flopping around in his bed being silly. I had just said, "Be careful! You're going to fall off the bed!" when what did he do? Fall off the bed. CLUNCK CRY Hubs busts up in his room turning on the light. Ok, we're up.

We've all made it downstairs, hubs is leaving for work and I'm getting breakfast going. I ask Nugget to feed the dog to which Strip screams, "I'LL DO IT!" not because she's being helpful, but because she wants a sticker for her sticker chart. She and Nugget argue over who's going to feed her while holding a giant scoop of dog food, dropping little pieces all over the floor and really teasing the poor pup. I tell Strip she can feed the dog and Nugget can give her the treats.

"Oh! I'll do that!! HERE" Slings the scoop of dog food back at Nugget. Poor pup's eyes are just screaming, "FEEEEEEDD MEEEEE!" Nugget is now stoked because he gets to feed her again, but of course, can't feed her the scoop that big sister got, so he dumps it all back in the food box and scoops again. He then turns around, looks me right in the eye, smiles, and dumps the giant scoop of dog food all over the floor. And giggles.

That's it! Momma's making coffee. And really, I was trying to quit to save calories, but Phil soooo saw his shadow, so I don't think I'll need to be rocking the bikini anytime soon. And, economically speaking, it would have been wasteful to quit. I have a Costco sized bag of bean that I would just have to toss.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 780 little pieces of dog food to pick up.

Edited to add: And yeah, something just messed up with the digital cable box thingy. It was just meant to be a coffee day.

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Lianne said...

Ohhhhh. I am so praying for you today. It's going to be a long one, it sounds like. :)