Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm siiiiiiiiicccckkk

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  It was so nice to get outside and play, go for a walk and let the kids run around outside while I cooked dinner.  SO nice.  Of course, they were filthy when they came in, but totally worth it.  At one point, Hubs went out to check on the kids and I hear him say, "No.  NO!  We don't drink out of puddles.  Ugh.  That's just gross."  I guess Nugget was thirsty.  So the kid washes his face in in the dog bowl, feeds the dog from his spoon/fork and drinks out of puddles in the backyard.  And who's sick this morning?  Strip.  That kid needs to lick a few shopping carts and do some puddle sipping to build up her immune system.

But, even when sick, the Strip is a chatterbox.  We heard her coughing up a storm last night, but she was still asleep, so we didn't mess with her.  After going to bed, I hear her crying, so I go in and say, "What's the matter?"  

"Well, I was coughing and coughing and I couldn't stop, and then 
I frew up a little and it got on my blanket, and my pillow, and this 
book, and it made me really sad that I frew up on my pillow 
because I love this pillow, it's a princess pillow and it's my 
favorite, and I just want to snuggle, so can I please come get in 
your bed with you, please?"

You had me at "well."  So now she has a fever AND a bad cough and is really kind of ticked because we had been talking about how nice it was going to be this week (meaning they could play outside).  But, I'll take a sick kid over a sick Hubs any day.  

And oh, yeah.  Totally drinking coffee this morning.

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Lianne said...

Just send her to Playland at McDonald's. That place is a petri dish with every germ known to mankind, plus a few undiscovered ones.

Hope she feels better soon! Have an extra coffee today, you deserve it!