Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I so had "that kid" yesterday.

We had some errands to run, so we planned to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch (thank you PaPa and Ma for the Valentine's gift cards).  I invited our neighbor to come meet us, but she couldn't make it, and boy was that lucky on her part.  I knew it wasn't going to be good when we got there right at noon.  

I planned to get there earlier, but Strip wanted to put every stamp on every postcard that we were mailing, so it took a little longer at the post office.  We get there at noon and the place is nuts.  I've never seen so many pregnant women in one place in my life.  It looked like the Oprah baby shower.  It was crazy.  I snagged the last booth right by the playplace thingy and both kids sat quietly and ate all of their chicken and fruit.  Nugget started pointing and saying, "Play!" so when Strip had a happy plate, they both took off their shoes and took off running.  The happy playing lasted long enough for me to clean up our table.  Strip came skipping out and wanted a sip of her drink.  No problem, there it is and go watch out for your brother.  Nugget caught a glimpse of her and came out for a drink too, but he did not want to leave his cup on the table.  And a fight ensues.  

I'm  a firm believer in pick your battles, but win the ones you pick, so I was winning this one.  Drinks aren't allowed in the play area and for good reason.  No cups.  End of story.  3 minutes, things get ugly and I call to Strip that we have to leave, which sends Nugget in to a high pitched, "NO! NO! NO! NO!"  Of COURSE our table (and coats) are in the middle of the restaurant so everyone had a great seat watching me wrestle Nugget into his jacket and shoes.  It was not pretty.  Strip got her ice cream and we got in the car.

The smart move now would be to go home, but nooo not me.  I had to pay for a cake decorating class and wanted to look for some things in the neighboring stores for the kids' birthday parties.  I promised them that if they were good we would go to the book store with a train table and play.  So we did.  And the kids were great.  I sat, sipping my last Lenten mocha while they shared the trains and were angels.  Then I remembered that I was cooking red beans and rice for dinner and needed to get them on the stove so they could be simmering.  Crud.  Ok kids, 10 minutes and we have to leave. NO! NO! NO!  At this point, my sweet little Strip consoles her brother saying, "It's ok buddy!  I bet if we make good choices, we can come back and play another day." NO! NO! NO!  Where we have a repeat scene of wrestling Nugget into his jacket and basically dragging him out of the store which was even better considering the kid's section is in the BACK farthest away from the exit.  And of course, we get to the front, walk through the door and it's like Jekyll and Hyde. He gets a sweet baby smile on his face and starts saying every word he knows.  Bird!  Car!  Vroomm!  Bye bye!  

We did manage to get dinner on the stove and play outside a little before Hubs got home from work, but BOY did it make me re-think giving up chocolate for Lent.


Lianne said...

I've had that happen so many times that it doesn't even phase me anymore. Regardless, bless your heart!

Were you at a Wal-Mart in Alabama yesterday too? I swear that I thought a kid was having his toenails removed in the toy department. I've never heard screaming quite like that before.

mommychick said...

Nope, we weren't in a WalMart in AL, but that still might have been Nugget you heard screaming. And yeah, this wasn't my first rodeo, but boy was it loud! I'm just glad Strip was being a GREAT kid, so I didn't have to drag two kids out of various places.