Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too much tv, or is my kid a sponge?

Strip goes to "preschool" a couple of days a week.  Those mornings, we get up, have breakfast and get moving, but if everyone is dressed and ready, I'll turn on Little Einstein's or whatever is on Disney Channel while I get her lunch packed/write my to-do list for the day/whatever.  Every Monday, DC has "Movie Time Monday," so if it's something Strip would want to watch or we don't currently own, I'll record it for her to watch when she gets home and Nugget takes a nap.

Last week, Movie Time Monday was Mulan.  We plopped down on the couch together to watch it and about 15 minutes in, she says, "Mulan is a princess, you know."  Yup, I got it.  10 minutes later, she says

Strip :  I can't WAIT to see Mushu!  
Me:      Who's Mushu? 
Strip:   You know.  Mushu is a helpful dragon who comes to the aid of                                Mulan.
Me:      WHAT?!  How do you know that?!
Strip:   Because, Mom, this is Movie Time Monday.  They've only been 
           talking about it for a week.

Wow.  Oh and as I type this, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on, and Nugget just "said" the magic words to help the clubhouse appear while doing the motions.  

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