Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awe bless her little heart

With Strip being a little under the weather, we've been stuck inside coughing on each other the past few days. Late this afternoon, I had both kiddos piled on the couch watching a little late afternoon tv while we waited on hubs to get home (and while I started dinner).  After they were both in the zone of Noggin, I snuck into the bathroom when I here a THUNK followed by a cry, nope, double cry.  Great.

I walk back in to find Nugget on the floor wedged between the coffee table and couch and Strip standing next to the couch, both crying.  What happened?!  WAHHHHHH!  As Nugget is giggling on the floor under a pillow, I decide he just lost a fight with gravity, so maybe it's Strip who's in pain.  Where does it hut?  "It dooooooooooesn't!"  It doesn't hurt?!  Why are you crying?!  "I accidentally pushed him and he fell off the cooooooooouch."

Awe.  Poor thing!  Since I didn't really whiteness what happened, I'm not sure how "sweet" this accident was, but nothing was bleeding or broken, so I'm guessing she hugged (or kicked) him off the couch after he stood up to jump on it.  And poor little Strip was so overcome with guilt, she just lost it.  Luckily, the night was looking up -- brother-in-law sent us a Snuggie!  Needless to say, Strip was THRILLED!

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Lianne said...

That "Thunk" sound is quite distinctive, isn't it? And you always hear it followed by that .58 second pause before the screams start. Not a pleasant feeling!

I can't believe you joined the cult of Snuggie. Post pictures!