Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glad to know I'm good for something!

Nugget started whining/crying sometime in the night.  Hubs lovingly kicked me and mumbled something like, "It's not time to get up," which was my queue to go in and quiet Nugget.  When I went in his room, he was just kind of crying in his sleep, so I curled up in his drool-filled bed and tried to get back to sleep. He got up at about 4 and saw me in his bed.  Although he's a man of few words, I could tell by the look in his eye that he was saying, "Oh good!  You're here.  I'm going to get down and play while you sit here and watch!"  He then proceeds to find the noisiest toy in his room (one of those old school tin tops) and plays for about 30 minutes.  I finally get him back in bed, and we snuggle up and go back to sleep.

8 o'clock rolls around (whoa it feels good to sleep in!) and I hear Strip calling for me.  I told her I was in Nuggets room and to come on in.  She busts in his room and says, "Mom!  I was looking all over for you!  I checked my room, your room, the bathroom, even the stairs and I couldn't find you OR Daddy anywhere!  And then I thought to myself, 'Who's going to make me breakfast, lunch and dinner?' and I just had to find you!  I thought you disappeared!"

So my kid to worry only when it comes to how she's going to get food :-)

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