Thursday, January 15, 2009

I. Am. Tired.

Ugh.  I cannot stay up until 2 a.m.,  and I certainly can't GET up at 2 am.  But for some reason, Nugget decided that 2 is the new 7.  I do not agree.

I love looking back at Strip's pictures when she was his age.  In fact, I was thinking about this last night before I went to bed.  Here is Strip at Nugget's age:

Hang on while I dry my tears.  Sniff sniff.  Who is that sweet baby?! Ok.  So here's Strip at 21 months.  She is sitting on her big girl bed which she moved into with very little issue.  She was a good sleeper, and did really well.  

So I was thinking that Nugget's a great sleeper, doesn't really get up in the middle of the night (unless he's teething), and although he hasn't climbed out of the crib yet, the kid is part monkey, so it's only a matter of time.  Maybe we should go ahead an put him in a big boy bed...

Wrong.  2 am, he starts crying.  He's getting a new tooth, so I gave him a little tylenol and hoped for the best.  2:30, still crying.  Pick him up and he cuddles up, but I don't want to take him into our bed because he will see the dog and want to play, so we go into the guest room where I swear it is 8 degrees.  I somehow manage to keep him still, but then he sees the "hm-no" outside and wants to play.  He hops out of bed and RUNS to the door.  I decide this is not working, so at 3:30, I go down and fix him some nice, soothing, warm papaya juice, tell him mommy's tired and put him back in his crib where he cries, "Oh!  Mama!  Oh Dadda!" all while hubs is reminding me that he has to work in the morning.  I tell hubs that there's nothing that will calm him down, he just wants to play.  I remind him that if he comes in to our room, he'll see June and want to play, then I roll over, and HELLO! Strip has somehow wormed her way in to our bed.  Awesome.  We can't stand it anymore, so hubs storms in and tells Nugget "I have to work in the morning!!!" which, really, I don't think Nug cared, but he curled up and fell right to sleep.  Little stinker.

So we all slept in one bed, which I guess was ok because it was pretty cold last night.  I was really glad Nugget was in lockdown, because unlike Strip, I think he would be down in the basement with the bounce house blown up just a hoppin'.  

And if that night weren't good enough, the kid took no nap, and now has a puncture wound on his forehead where he ran into a wall that has a rough finish.  

On a lighter note, we had good snow in the backyard, so I promised the kids if it got above 0, we would go outside and play.  I think it took us 20 minutes to gather gloves, scarves, hats and boots, get bundled and get out there.  I purposefully wore no hat so when it felt like my ears were going to fall off, I said it was time to go back inside.  "Noooo!  We're having fuuunnnn!"  I get them on to the screened porch and am peeling off the layers when I notice the drool that has dripped onto Nugget's jacket has frozen.  Wow.  That's cold!

I'm hoping that the 4 hours in the bounce house and the 6 minutes playing outside wore them out.  We'll see.

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