Sunday, January 4, 2009

The big brown hound

 My brother has a reindeer, er dog that came to stay with us over Christmas.  He rode up in the rv with my parents and hung out with our dog, June Bug, until P could get here.  Did I mention he's huge?  Sweet, but large.  Here's a visual:

Bless him.  I should also note that we have squirrels here bigger than cats.  So one day, I let the pups out, and Tay runs full speed toward a tree, jumps, and I swear almost landed on the second row of branches.  That dog has ups.  Fast forward to Wicked weekend.  Sat. morning, I call to check on the kids, dogs and PaPa, and my mom starts talking to the dogs, then my dad about how the dogs want to go outside.  The last thing I hear is my mom saying, "Well there's someone walking by and they want to say hello!  Oh Lord!  *click*"

I knew it.  I wait about 8 minutes and call back.  I asked mom if Taylor had jumped the fence and her response was "like the cow jumping over the moon."  And he went through not one, but two fences, as my mom is standing in her pjs on our porch shouting, "It's ok!  He's really sweet!  He just wants to say hello!" and runs after him.  I just wish I could have been there to see the other person's face as this giant, brown horse comes shooting out of our house toward them!  Priceless!

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