Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All the single ladies!

**Sorry, but every time I hear Single Ladies, I see this SNL sketch in my head and it makes me giggle, so I had to use this image. ****

Congrats to Hubs!

Shortly after New Year's we found out Hubs got a new job within the company (yay!) which means a TON of travel for him (booo!). The majority of our relationship was long distance and when we were in FL he was traveling too, so this is nothing new. It will be tougher this time around because the kids are older and will REALLY miss him. And I've become accustomed to him having around on a normal basis.

It's been great knowing that most ballet days, Hubs can get home to hang with Nugget and on nights that I need to work, 98% of the time, Hubs can be home to feed and put the kids to bed. Not for long! He got the promotion on Monday and by 1:00 he was already in the new job. He already has two weeks of travel scheduled. The good news? The weeks he's out of town, I make a giant vat of spaghetti and we just eat that all.week.long. Love it. And even though I know he's probably out eating filet on the company's dime, meal planning is much easier!

It's going to be a very interesting start to the new year. Thank goodness I booked my plane ticket to visit a friend in Jersey the night before he got the promotion and he was able to adjust his plans to make it back before I leave. Let the tag-team-parenting begin!

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