Friday, January 15, 2010

Forgot one!

So this is from the beginning of December. Nugget has come to the point in his life that mothers of toddlers dread-nap dropping. If he took a nap, he couldn't settle down until later in the evening, but if he didn't take a nap, he became a maniac monster around 4:45 pm.

This was a maniac monster day. As I'm running around behind the tasmanian devil, I see him go over to the fridge. "Do not open the door!" I say, as he opens the door. Before I could get over to him, he had pulled out the Costco size package of hotdogs and was holding it upside down. There was a hole in the bag small enough to keep the hot dogs from falling out but large enough to let all of the hot dog juice (which smells disgusting) drip all over the floor including the carpet in the next room.


To keep him contained, I put him in time out and told him he had to sit there until I got the mess cleaned up. I attacked the floors and went to scrubbing. I noticed he got really quiet. Before I cold finish the floors, I looked over and saw this:

Poor little buddy! And as I went to grab my phone to take a picture, Strip, seeing Nugget on the floor, disappeared as well...

Sweet sister! She got him all tucked in with Figment to snuggle with. And, yes, don't worry, I moved him to the couch after our 2 minute photo shoot.

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