Thursday, January 14, 2010

The thrill is gone

Last year, every time a flake appeared in the sky, the kids went nuts and would want to bundle up for some yard time. This year? Not so much.

Our first big snow was kind of slushy and gross, but the next one was beautiful! Strip got some new pink snow pants, so I thought she would be thrilled. As much as I didn't want to "play" outside, I got the kids bundled and 15 minutes later, we were ready to go. I really needed to shovel the driveway because it's steep and if it gets icy neither of our cars can get up there (side note-- extra wide driveways and added garages are GREAT for things like sidewalk chalk, extra storage, car races, etc but they STINK when it comes to shoveling!).

Last year both kids fought over the orange shovel, so I was excited at the prospect of having two little helpers get the job done. However, this year? Eh.

Nugget went right to work shoveling as Strip perfected the art of snow angels. Nugget, seeing Strip, decided that looked like more fun, so he joined her in rolling around the front yard. And, because they were wearing craptastic $1 aisle mittens, about 15 minutes into the shoveling, I hear, "My hands are cold! I'm cold! I want some hot chocolate! Shoveling is booooorrrrriiiinnggg. WAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAA!"

What happened to the kids I had to DRAG in the house because it was 0* and Nugget's drool had frozen to his jacket?! They both started to loose it when I had about 33% more driveway to shovel AND it started snowing (hard) again. I told them they had to hang with me for a few more minutes outside, to which Strip replies, "Fine! I'm just going to sit in the garage then!"

A power shovel later, and the driveway is cleared. I get everyone inside and stripped down, then pour two cups of hot chocolate. We snuggle up on the couch and later, I let them play some wii. It was then that I remembered that I forgot to get the mail when I shoveled down that way. I go to the front door, and what do you know, the driveway, sidewalk and steps are nothing but a blanket of snow.

I told them for the next big snow, I'm putting pool toys all over the yard so they will get buried and the kids will have to dig them out. Both agreed that my idea sounded fun. I'm wondering if I can convince them that some are hiding in the driveway so they will be productive instead of digging up the yard!

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