Friday, January 15, 2010

Why tonight?!?

Nugget, for the most part, is potty trained. He's golden during the day, but I slap a diaper on him at night, just in case. No matter what time I cut off drinks, he still has a full diaper in the morning.

Today was sheet-washing day. As he crawled into bed, I said, "OooOOOoHHHhHH! Doesn't it feel good to have nice clean sheets to sleep on?" Then remembered that I had not diapered him. Oops! Let's get a diaper on!

Nugget's response?

"No. No diaper a day."

Ugh. I hate to fight him on this but really?! Could you not have made this decision LAST night when they were on the last night of filth?! Instead, I have a SUPER clean set of sheets on your bed (with no spare set) and fully expect to have to wash them (again) in the morning.

Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

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