Friday, January 15, 2010

The secret to Christmas card perfection

I apologize for not sharing my secret to success sooner, but maybe this will help you get prepared for next Christmas. It's only 11 months away!

Last year, I shared my 15 easy steps to creating a Christmas card. This year, I've cut out a bunch of steps and made life easier (and this year, I didn't need ANY smarties).

So here ya go!

1. Realize that it's already December and your kids don't have any cutsie Christmas clothes.
2. Pull out the kid sized Christmas aprons and whip up a batch of frosting.
3. Sit kids and dog in front of the Christmas tree. Give each kid a whisk full of frosting.
4. Sit with camera in the same spot, make sure everyone is in the frame and just start snapping as they (including the dog) clean off the whisks.
5. Take whisks from kids before they (including the dog) puke.
6. Upload pictures and realize there is not one single picture of both kids looking at the camera.
7. Put out a plea for Photoshop help on facebook.
8. Send two of the best pics to high school buddy who has mad photo shopping skills.
9. **Most important step** Have said high school buddy switch heads in the photo. Now you have ONE picture with BOTH kids looking at the camera (Muhahahahaha ::evil laugh::).
10. Upload to shutterfly, pick up at Target in an hour and voila! Super mom!

Now, some might call this cheating, but I think it's just using available resources. It's not like I used photoshop to make my kids cuter (because they couldn't be any cuter if they tried) and I didn't make it look like we were at our winter homes in the Alps, I just made it look like both kids were able to look at the camera at the same time, making this year the FIRST year our Christmas card photo shoot could actually be described as "merry!"

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