Sunday, January 24, 2010

And to add insult to injury...

(once again, Google images never ceases to amaze me)

First of all, why is it that when you lose a pet, suddenly the ONLY commercials that air on tv are for dog food that will help your dog live longer, or Sarah Mclachlan speaking on behalf of all the poor, abused animals that need a good home. AHH! Stop it already!

Anyway, shortly after we told the kids about June, Strip started complaining that her tummy hurt. Need to poop? No. Hungry? No. Thirsty? No. Does it just hurt because you're sad about June? Yes.

However, about 5 minutes later, she sat straight up from our snuggle spot on the couch and puked up the entire bag of popcorn she had consumed. Awesome. After hosing her, me the couch and everything we had on down, she was thirsty, so we tried little sips of water. Puke. Tiny bites of ice. Puke. Try to drink nothing. Dry heave. She finally fell asleep on me on the couch, and later, I moved her upstairs. She said she wanted to sleep in the guest room, so I got her all set up; towel on the pillow, cup of ice chips, puke bowl on the bedside table, trash can on the floor.

Nugget, who had taken a nice nap, was STILL up at 10:00, so I went in to put him back in bed (again) when I heard Strip crying. I went into the guest room and she was sitting up in bed holding her bowl.

Me: Awe did you throw up again?
Strip: Yeeesss.
Me: I'm sorry. (feeling around on the bed) Did it get on the covers or did you make it to the bowl in time?
Strip: I got it in the bowl.
Me: taking the bowl from her I'm sorry sweetie, lie down.

At this point I started to tear up for my little kiddo.

Strip: What's wrong, Mommy?
Me: I'm just sad. And how tough for you that you have to lose your dog and feel cruddy the same (snuggle my face on her tummy) AHHH!!

She was right about one thing. She didn't get any puke on the covers. She did, however, get some on the front of her shirt, which I just lovingly put my entire face in. Bleh! It did provide me with a much needed laugh for the day (and the reason to take a third shower).

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